Hardware Solutions

Hardware Solutions to Power Your Business

Hardware Solutions to Power Your Businesst

The goal is to convey that Kulanso’s hardware offerings can help businesses of all sizes and types achieve their goals. This could include helping companies set up powerful servers and networks, install and configure peripherals, and more. The idea is to position Kulanso as a trusted partner that can help businesses leverage technology to grow and succeed

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What We Offer

Server and network setup.

Design, implementation and configuration of reliable server and network infrastructure to support business needs.

Repair and maintenance.

Timely diagnosis and repair of computer printers and other devices hardware issues to minimize downtime and ensure optimal performance.

Data backup and recovery

Scheduled, automated backups and a reliable recovery system to protect against data loss and mitigate risks.

Hardware procurement and installation

Guidance in selecting and installing hardware that meets specific business needs and budget requirements.

IT asset management

Tracking, maintenance and replacement of IT assets, and optimization of inventory management.


Installation, configuration and management of CCTV systems for enhanced security and surveillance in business premises.


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